Mamas Spellbook (Blog)

Here you may find more information on the use of herbal medicine, spirituality, Sweet Mamas personal experiences, and even some amusement. Feel free to use the categories to make your browsing easier.

Moment of Zen

Give yourself 5 minutes to reset. Cottage by a rushing river with small animals and wind chimes. Mama made it jusy for you.

Self Love Mantras

Self Love is as important to our minds and spirits as water and air are to our bodies. This video includes powerful mantras geared to increase your Self Love. The soft music is intended to help you enter a relaxed state where you are in Acceptance of what is being said, and, hopefully, what you are repeating. Please use this multiple times a week for best results.

Delightful Cottage Afternoon

Just another 5 minute reset for your day with the garden delight while Mama is humming and making your tea and cookies.

Meditation Why and How

Find our more about Oils, History, Holistic Medicine, DIYs, and entertainment in our blog.

Lucky No 13

DIY diffuser blend. Lucky No. 13 is a spicy little love letter to that special someone. Mmmm... mmmm. I'm gonna be in trouble wity this blend 

Witch Doctor

Product Showcase I had a LOT of fun making.