About Sweet Mama K

Natural Healing


Mama is dedicated to the art of healing through natural means. She is also dedicated to healing in general. It is important for all of her babies tto know

*None of her products are meant as cures.

*Please do not discontinue use of other medications without consulting your physician.

*Please remain aware of allergies you may have before ordering products.

Keep safe, and live Wellness.

3 Reasons Why Sweet Mama K Brews


1. Our blends are unique. - A lot of research goes in to what oil works well for what ailment. The efficacy is our first priority. This means, while we do value a pleasant smell, you will be getting something all together new to you that will be difficult to find elsewhere.

2. We use pure essential oils. - Even in aromatherapy blends, the oils we use are not manufactured in a lab. The constituents and ingredients are effective, wether physical or metaphysical, because our resources are the real deal. (So, don't be surprised when rose smells like real Rose's, and not what they call rose in the perfume industry.)

3. Integrity is a HUGE deal. - Sweet Mama once said that she was a terrible business woman because common business practices grossed her out. Since then, she decided to run a company based on integrity, and not the bottom line. Customer satisfaction is very important at Sweet Mama K Brews. Order got open en route? We replace that. It isn't about the Almight Dollar. It's about the Almighty Sleeping at Night.