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Our shoppe is filled with brews made from pure essential oils for various ailments of the mind, body, and spirit. Please have a look, and see that we have a brew for that.


Mamas Spellbook

Everyone of us could use a little education. Come read some of our blogs, and find yourself entertained and educated.

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Real reviews from real customers that were never paid for their love of Sweet Mama K.

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Holyday Specials!

Because different celebrations come up year round, different specials will be available yeat round. Come find out what is currently up, or what may be yet to come.

Bless you

Brewing Blessings

Sweet Mama K is dedicated to helping as much and as many as she can. If you want to be a part of, come see what our current cause is. (Partial proceeds each month go to our chosen cause as well.)

Of Service

Meet Us!

This is a photo gallery of what we find fun, interesting, educational, and have put together in both travel and studies. Come take a peek in our hilarious brains.


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Brews news changes often. Keep up to date on sales, discounts, new brews, new blogs, and whatever magic we can dream up without spamming you constantly.

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Sweet Mama would much rather you purchase a product and be a believer, but Sweet Granny didn't raise a fool either. A donation will help us keep items in stock, continue to enable us to giveaway perks, allow us to connect with charities, and keep our research going for brighter and better blends.

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